Beneath Chordille Keep in the Fallen Duchy lies an ancient and mysterious underground complex known only as Dragon’s Delve…

This campaign site exists for organizing the Dragon’s Delve open campaign based in South Bend, Indiana. We currently meet at The Wizard’s Workshop (56977 Mayflower Rd. Unit A, South Bend), with no regular schedule (typically on Saturday afternoons, see the calendar).

The game itself is an “open” campaign, meaning that anyone who wants to play may join or leave at any time, playing for one or more sessions. Each session is focused on a foray into the Dragon’s Delve megadungeon, a huge structure full of monsters, traps, and treasure that changes throughout the player’s exploration of it. As characters improve in skill, they may be able to proceed further into the dungeon for greater challenges and rewards…

Character Creation Guidelines
House Rules

Dragon's Delve (South Bend)